MILKY WAY Jiu-Jitsu camp 2023

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Milky Way jiu-jitsu camp is not just about training. The motto will be Fight, Learn and Enjoy with a rich program.
We will have 2 new instructors for the first time. One of them is Dennis Gabriel Schindler from Germany and the other is Christopher Bauer from Washington, USA.
Christopher will give the classes in the Gi and Dennis will be giving them NoGi. That way we will have 16 hours of classes plus 4 hours of rolling in total. And if that is not enough you can use mat for 24 hours every day.
Water activities like paddle boarding or wakeboarding will be available every day. Everything is included.
There will be some workshops with guests after dinner also. Some in English, some in Czech. There will always be someone to translate it to another language though, so don’t worry.
The camp will include breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. It starts with dinner on Sunday and ends with lunch on Thursday.
Camp capacity is 31 people plus people for one day access. Such a small group guarantees an individual approach and high quality.
02. – 06. July 2023
Prices for whole camp are from 8000 CZK to 11000 CZK or 320€ to 440€ (depends on accommodation). Price include:
– Jiu-Jitsu classes
– Accommodation
– Camp’s t-shirt
– 3x one hour of wakeboarding
– Access to 2 paddle boards
– Meals 3 time a day
It is about 3 meters to the mat and another 5 meters to the lake from your accommodation. Everything is literally in one place.
We can help you with traveling too. Shoot me a message if you have any further question.
– FB message (Robin Javorek)
– Email:
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